Step 4 – Review and Monitor

Why important to review and monitor your portfolio?

Risk Mitigation

As an investor, you need to consider the risks of you chosen investment and how to manage them. Before you invest, you should study the market and do a due diligence for your acquisition. After investing, you should continue to monitor the market for changes which will impact your investments.

What happens when things go wrong to your expectations and worse still, losing money. In all these cases, we’ve found it’s often the result of :

  • Incomplete and/or biased information that fails to minimise risk and is not in the customer’s best interest;
  • A ‘set and forget’ approach where investments are not regularly reviewed and adjusted to cope with changes occurring in the market and/or the customer’s personal and financial situation;
  • Poorly structured portfolio that hasn’t been set up in the most tax efficient method and does not maximise the highest benefit for the customer.

Establish an entry and exit strategy

It is important to establish an entry and exit strategy based on your financial capabilities. Some investors can adapt a buy and hold strategy while others may have a shorter term plan due to limited resources such as more capital. Discuss this with your consultant.

How FIRST LEAD assist?

FIRST LEAD can assist to create a Property Portfolio Tracker. Ask your consultant for more information.

Sample of Property Portfolio Tracker

Preserving your Portfolio

Have A Local Will

Firstly, a well-drafted will in Malaysia/Singapore will probably cover the Malaysia/Singapore assets/estate whilst the clients reside in Malaysia/Singapore, because most of your assets and interests will still be in Malaysia/Singapore.

As you move overseas and purchase assets there, you need to think seriously about making a second, local will in the host country.

In the estate planning context, one of the most fundamental questions we need to resolve is whether to have one will dealing with the client’s worldwide assets or to have multiple wills dealing with each jurisdiction. FIRST LEAD recommend that clients who have overseas assets should have wills dealing with each local jurisdiction. It is impossible for estate planners to be familiar with the legal systems of overseas jurisdictions, and as such, it is impossible to properly plan for assets in overseas jurisdiction.

No Delay in Administration of Estate

Secondly, where there are two separate wills, one dealing with assets in the forum and the other with assets abroad, the executors may obtain probate in each jurisdiction independently of the other. Therefore, they may simultaneously apply for probate and therefore reduce delay in the administration of the estate. If a testator/testatrix only has one will his/her executors must obtain probate in one jurisdiction and then a re-seal or another grant in the other.

The 4-Steps Process

Understanding what you want

Matching your investment objective
with the right property

Getting into Action
Leasing and Management

Review and monitor

“During the financial crisis, Alice helped us manage and mitigate our risks. In fact, the investment portfolio I had with her was the only one that made any money, whilst all my other investments suffered.”
~ Joanne Chew ~