Pre-Qualified Projects

We constantly looking for the best opportunities around the world, while factoring issues such as due diligence on market fundamentals, developer track record, the deal structure and legal aspects, resulting in only the very best suggestions being offered to you.

In most instances, the opportunities are either made available to you first, or exclusively to you.

Our consultants are equipped to furnish the full sets of researched data to you and assist you in working out the numbers that suit your financial circumstances prior to making your decision.

Why is this important?

Identifying markets that are suitable for investment and understanding the right conditions you are looking for to enter into the market will reduces the risk for an investor and helps create equity more rapidly. As investors become more sophisticated they want to enter a market prior to it rising or at the very beginning to have access to a full cycle of capital gain.

How FIRST LEAD make it easier for you?

After our due diligence process, only the selected (Pre Qualified) projects will be listed. The projects will be marked accordingly as Cash Flow, Capital, NRAS or Parent’s choice.

Cash Flow
The property generate good cash flow for investors from rental income.

The property has a good potential capital appreciation to enhance your equity.

The property is tied to NRAS.

Parent’s Choice
The property is situated near schools or tertiary education institution.

Property Report

Property Summary & Finance Analysis Report

This report is designed to give an investor the overview of the project. It contains a brief on the actual property plus financial numbers which aim to provide a  projection for capital growth and cash flow.

Please contact your property investment consultant for a copy of this report.

Note : Investors of anything should only ever buy investments which stand alone as strong and viable propositions – tax benefits, income guarantees or free holidays should only ever be icing on an already tasty cake

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