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Parent’s Choice Properties

Education shapes the future of our children … very true indeed. It is not just the academic scores alone but also the social environment and demographics as well.The professional disciplines, careers and lifestyle of our children are formed whilst they are still in secondary schools. Therefore good suburban schools and universities are very important and so are the properties you as parents invest into. Living and studying in schools within a suburb of good neighbourhood means children socialise and grow up together with like-minded children.

Good public & private schools produces future leaders, doctors, engineers, architects, accountants, lawyers, economists, bankers, musicians, artistes, etc.

Taking cognisance on value of education,  good schools and universities are impetus to property growth value in the suburbs where they are located. They draw good demographics and generate high desirability of properties in their locale. Desirability results in high demand of properties which fuel rental and capital growth of properties.

Our associates in selected countries have the local knowledge of where good schools and universities are. Together with their experience and resources, we have the ability to help parents as well as investors, secure properties that meet their criteria and objectives. These properties can be for immediate own occupancy, or planned as investment first own occupancy later. A well selected property with capital growth may also result in paying for the children’s current and future costs of education.

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