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Where should I start?

How and Where should I start?

Where should I buy? What’s a good investment? When is a good time to buy? How quickly can I achieve my goals? Who can I trust to get a reliable, accurate information? What are the tax implications for venturing into property investment overseas? How investing in properties abroad link to migration?

At FIRST LEAD, these are some of the questions we often get asked. Having expert finance knowledge that is unbiased and up-to-date, is critical to making the right decisions. However, we understand that you may not have the time or resources to do your own due -deligence. That’s why, at FIRST LEAD, we’re here to make the “end-to end” process of buying and managing an international property portfolio, easy and hassle-free.

Why do you need to start investing now


How Capital Growth Works

How your portfolio will look like if you invested into a property worth $500,000 ( with own equity of $100,000, loan of A$400,000) after 7 years and 14 years .

It is just mathematics and inflation.

The higher your stake Today, the higher your networth by the end of 7 years and 14 years.

Using the example above, you can leverage by releasing equity from the networth you have build up over the 7 years. Use the funds wisely to buy another investment property… the start of your journey for a property portfolio for lifetime financial independence.

Start early

Many acknowledges the “power of leveraging” , using bank’s money to make more money. In reality, 70% of investors still procrastinate when comes to borrowing to invest. How this can sabotage your wealth?

Case Study
“I’m glad I started early! Otherwise I’d be in a similar situation as my friend” ~ Jen, aged 53 ~

Jen and Sophie are best friends. When Jen was 43, with the help of her family’s financial planner,  she bought her first investment property in London. Her property value has now doubled, and Jen has built up enough equity to buy another property as well as finance her daughter’s overseas education comfortably.

Sophie, on the other hand, has only just started planning. Because of her procrastination, she faces the following problems. At age 53, she can only borrow up to age 65 from most banks. With a 12 year loan term, her mortgage repayments will be very damaging to her cash flow. In addition, she missed out on the high capital growth on investment assets over the last 10 years and worst still, property prices have skyrocketed where she was looking to buy. Along with the high mortgage and immediate funding for her son’s overseas education expenses, Sophie has her day-to-day living expenses to take care of.

The 4-Steps Process

Understanding what you want

Matching your investment objective
with the right property

Getting into Action
Leasing and Management

Review and monitor

What are the different strategies for property wealth creation?

They range from yield-based strategies to capital growth strategies. They include ‘add value’ strategies to fast-track your property wealth or advanced strategies to develop your portfolio at wholesale prices and not pay retail plus. It depends on your aims, your time period and your financial situation. We can help you design and tailor the right strategy especially for you and your circumstances.

We focus on you.

Our approach is different, we focus on you

Be it you are investing for education funding, retirement income or pure capital gain, our aims are :

  • To assist you to create a mix portfolio of property to achieve your objective while  preserving them for the future generations.
  • To deliver the entire process in a structured and professional manner to enable you to make an informed decision while choosing the right mix of properties with good capital growth and stable income stream.
  • To  help you to become more skilled at choosing the right property to buy, identifying  the right financing package and strategies the most suitable way to build up equity or simple to generate cash flow for further investment to ultimately achieve your dream of a profitable and sustainable property portfolio.
  • We offer simple to understand investment proposal and financial analysis plus workshop to mentor you in developing your property portfolio which is appropriate for your financial circumstances and risk profile.