Creating wealth and income through properties


“With the equity in my Australian property portfolio I’ve been able to retire early, pay for my children’s education overseas AND have complete peace of mind, knowing that both our financial future will be taken care of as well.” ~ Alyssa, aged 58 ~

Alyssa is a single parent. She intended to send her children to Australia for their tertiary education and possibly her own retirement there. With this objective in mind, our consultants sat down and helped her to develop a strategy to acquire 4 properties over a period of 5 years.

She started at the age of 44, by the time she was 53, she has accumulated an estimated net worth of A$1,213,402. With proper advice, she was able to refinance against her properties to pay for her children’s education. In other words, the education cost did not burn a hole in her pocket as it was funded by the equity released from her properties in Australia. There is a prefect match of the currency from her assets to her future expenses .

When she reached 56, she realised her dream of living in Australia. She had the option to sell or refinance her properties or simply to use the excess rental income to pay for her retirement.