About First Lead Investments

Delivering profitable international real estate investment opportunities to Asian based investors.

First Lead Investments Consultant Limited is a property portfolio consultancy firm. We specialise in sourcing, structuring and delivering profitable international real estate investment portfolio to our clients. Having had over 50 years combined experience; we have seen what works and what does not. We simply know our market and focus on helping our clients to build their property portfolio with solid return Quickly, Safely and Profitably.

With a vast network of professional associates  around the world, we bring industry leading expertise and judgement to each step in the  property investing process, namely:

Identifying the Right Investment Property

We source for properties with good capital growth potential and rental income to match our clients financial and investment objectives. We work closely with our associates to rigorously research into factors such as economics, demographics, supply and demand, and infrastructure developments around projects to determine the investment value for each project before its introduced to our clients.

Structuring the Purchase

Structuring the PurchaseThe investment objectives and strategy for each client may differ depending on their income level and investment appetitie. We strive to understand our clients’ aspirations and plan their portfolios accordingly. By utilising the right structure for the purchase, client will enjoy substantial savings in tax or estate duties in certain countries. With the right mix of financial instruments / multi-currencies, we can help to enhance the overall return and reduce risk associated with their investment.

Added Value Services

We work with a carefully selected group of professionals who are experts in their respective fields to ensure our clients get the best products and full range of services to build a successful property portfolio to achieve their financial goals.

“To me, there’s nothing more rewarding than educating my clients on the process and helping them achieve their ultimate goal of attaining lifetime financial freedom through property investment. This is where my experience and passion exists.” - Alice Chow

First Lead helps you to create Real Wealth through “financially intelligent” real estate investments

at First Lead;  we believe the right financial knowledge is the difference between thriving OR simply surviving. Having had over 50 years combined experience; we have seen what works and what does not.

We simply know our market and what help you need to build an extensive international property portfolio with solid returns quickly, safely and profitably.